• MAY 17 - JUNE 21 
Galerie Gabriel Rolt is proud to present Hartrot, the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands of installations by Douglas White (Guildford, UK, 1977), from May 17 to June 21.

Douglas White takes decaying objects, discarded waste and generally that which we have cast aside as useless or irrelevant and breathes new life into it. Found objects such as rotten trees, lightning struck pine, burnt basket balls and exploded tyres he assembles into unlikely forms and juxtapositions, creating totemic works that pulse with energy. This reinstating of objects that no longer have a specific use, provides us with new frames of poetic reference and a powerfully visceral experience. White offers a re-enchanted world view through that which has been thrown away, which may be seen as prescient in the current global climate.
The exhibition Hartrot is a dreamlike, theatrical gathering of objects meant to astonish and surprise the viewer like the Wunderkammern of old. One wanders through the space filled with moonlit cabinets of found furniture, light and candle wax, then gazes up into a dream catcher hanging down from the ceiling with burnt basketballs caught like nightmares, but also with artistic references to Goya’s ‘Desastres de la Guerra.’  Sunrise, a wall piece made of exploded tires, leads us directly back to the allegorical Greek myth of Icarus, the flying apprentice. It's portent seems one of death and destruction, and with climate change currently such a prescient issue, White seems to say, the future is not so bright. Maybe as a civilisation we have flown too close to the sun, in our fervent need to have it all, and our heedless pursuit of wealth at the possible cost of the planet. After all, Hartrot is a sight to ponder over, long after one has left.