• JAN 13 - FEB 24, 2007 

AMSTERDAM, 10 January 2007 - From 13 January to 24 February 2007
Galerie Gabriel Rolt will be presenting the exhibition Paradise Love Bar with three international rising stars: Aisling Hedgecock (installations/drawings), Alice Finbow (video/photography) and Sangeeta Sandrasegar (installations/paper cut-outs).

Aisling Hedgecock (1979, Co Donegal, Ireland) graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 2006. She makes sculptural objects in which the detritus of the everyday consumer - discarded cardboard boxes, tubes and polystyrene -, become trophies of an Arcadian imagination. The site-specific installation Paradise Love Bar (2006), on show at Galerie Gabriel Rolt, references pre-historic monoliths looming on the plains of the South-West England, and at the same time centres upon the phenomena and the alchemy of packaging materials. Constructed by gluing polystyrene beads together these sculptures move between the rationale of permanence and that of temporality; they are neither flesh nor stone. Furthermore, they are illuminated by imaginary drawings of coral-like vestiges.
Hedgecock: “My focus is to explore a formal relationship between the drawn image and constructed object. My sculpture employs the same methodology used to make a drawing. Paradise Love Bar mimics drawing through the possibility for continuation. Like a drawn image created from an infinite number of marks, it has the potential to keep growing.”
The practice of Hedgecock’s drawing and sculptures alludes to uncharted and untold spaces. One might situate her work in the elegiac tradition. Memory and the parody of nostalgia, the socialisation of landscape and the complexity of nature are ongoing concerns. Direct influences include Poussin, Rubens, Samuel Palmer, Douglas Huebler, Baroque sculpture, Etruscan granulation, and images from the Hubble Space telescope. She obtained the Sainsbury Scholarship Drawing & Sculpture at the British School in Rome, 06-07 and has exhibited in Dorset, London and Rome. Currently her work is shown in the Saudade exhibition in London together with Graham Hudson, David Spero, Doug Fishbone and others. Hedgecock was recently nominated by The Independent as outstanding young artist for their 'Talent 2007' issue.