• 19 MARCH — 23 APRIL 2016 
Galerie Gabriel Rolt is proud to present Ask the Birds, Mehraneh Atashi’s first solo-show at the gallery.

A lot happens in Mehraneh Atashi’s works. The artist creates complex architectures with the most diverse materials: found objects, photographs, crystals, fabric, yeasts, latex, feathers, seeds, oil, coloured pigments, plastic, cotton, lights, chips, latex, water, prints, dry flowers, plants and fungus, glue, resins, sulphur, polyester, Styrofoam, ceramic, and wood. Like an alchemist, she experiments with the possibilities of transforming matter. But, in her works transformation is never an end in itself. Rather, as the artist suggests, transformation is a tool:  it’s the force that pushes life together and then pulls it apart; it is the desire that helps to shape the subject; it is a movement of differentiation through which the world comes into being. Her works are exuberant and sexy, and unapologetically so. They are in a perennial state of becoming: things expand, grow, decay, change function, colours and shape.

It would be reductive to describe Mehraneh’s works as installations. To call them ‘Living organisms’ would suit them better. They are intricate ecosystems. They thrive on the tension arising when different energies and materials touch: when sulphur meets feathers meet water meets seeds meet human eyes meet painted crisps. In her works, these materials are exposed to and more often than not, interact with each other. Atashi’s works powerfully express the entangled nature of life – the way in which small objects, chemical processes, and personal experiences and memories, they all concur, with equal importance, to the shaping of reality.