• 4.12.15 (17:00- 1:00 h) 
Hyphenation is the result of the collaboration between Gallery Gabriel Rolt and the theater Ostade A'dam. the event represent the attempt to create connections between various forms of art and techniques: from the raw music of bands like the woodwards to the delicate dance performance of the House of makers, or from the photography of maurice van Es to the video installation of Shezad Dawood, every single intersection between these artists creates contrasts and interesting new perspectives of experience.

The participating artists are:

Abner Preis

Mehraneh Atashi
Paul du Bois-Reymond
Nik Christensen
Shezad Dawood
The Animated – Hilde Elbers / Lea Martini
Aukje Dekker
UNREALITY – Choreography by Peter Leung / House of Makers
Maurice van Es
Wayne Horse
Thomas van Linge
Peter Schuyff
Jake en Dinos Chapman
The Woodwards

Location: van Ostadestraat 233D,1073 TN, Amsterdam