• Converse Red Light Session
  • 17.09.2015, 19.30 - 22.45 
Galerie Gabriel Rolt is proud to host Converse Red Light Session on Thursday September 17th with Tuareg band Terakaft and the sonic wizardy of Bear Bones, Lay Low.

Terakaft is a genuine desert rock band, sculpted by the pure searing air and the endless rolling sands of the Sahara. The stark, harsh conditions of this environment have permeated their wild riffs, and as a result Terakaft are the perfect embodiment of all that is wild and free in desert blues today.

Bear Bones, Lay Low is Brussels-based Venezuelan Ernesto González, an explorer of shifting psychedelic moods in electronic sound. Active in the Belgian noise underground since his teens, González’s music has evolved from spontaneous bedroom noise/drone jams, to colorful synthesizer tunes with library-esque vibes, entrancing rhythms, and plenty of freak outs.

We'll have Red Light Radio resident DJ Sidney Boguy on the decks.

PLEASE NOTE: Attending this show is free, as always, but you must register by sending an email to: rsvp@redlightradio.net. If you have received a confirmation email, you’re on the list! But be sure to come early, as we operate on a first come, first served basis.

Thursday, 17th September