• January 21- Februari 25, 2017 

PRESSRELEASE                                                  One for All All for One


21 January – 25 Februari 2016

Opening reception: 21 January 2017, 17.00 – 20.00




Galerie Gabriel Rolt is proud to announce One for All All for One, a solo exhibtion by Aukje Dekker.

One for All All for One, as the title already suggests, rests on the dichotomy between singular and multiple. Reflecting upon her role as an artist and the meaning of her own work, Dekker chose to articulate her exhibition around collaborations. All the exhibited works are the result of practical or conceptual collaboration between Dekker and other artists: some of them actively participating in the making process, some other only alerted of their ‘contribution’, one is actually unaware of his presumable taking part.


The apparent strangeness of this artistic choice is in reality the core of the whole exhibition: Dekker’s aim is namely to question the artistic system IN TOTO, starting from raising questions about aspects like authorship and authenticity. If the conceptual or practical production of exhibited works is actually shared with other artists, where lies the authorship of them? Whithin the process of working together, does the authorship of the works still belong to one of the parties involved or does it shift towards an in-between space of shared creation?

Those are only some of the questions which shaped the ideological background of the show: the role of Aukje Dekker herself is also a central point of discussion. Her ‘definition’ within the context of the exhibition can in fact oscillate from the one of ‘artist’, to the one of ‘regisseur’ or simply ‘curator’, those also being applicable terms. The discussion around her own role in the exhibition and the critical way of getting along with institutionalized terms, functions and concepts so typical of the art world is the precise aim of the artist. The questions she, as an artist, asks herself everyday are now thrown into our faces, we found ourselves confronted with them and are smartly obliged to actively think about the very structure of the contemporary art world and its industry.