• June 13 — july 18, 2015 


Inside, one can only find x, the unknown quantity. This traveling substance can not be seen, nor heard, nor smelled. It can merely be suspected of being. x is that which is desired but not tolerated, that which is venerated yet degraded. It is that which can hide in plain sight, yet be found wherever it is concealed. Giving the master power over his servant, he can build an empire on an invisible foundation they both depend on. Travel far and wide for this treasure that will never be marked "X" on the map. Just follow the breadcrumbs. You cannot find it as it already found you long before. x gives opportunity and needs sacrifice. It demands trust, yet casts doubt whenever it changes hands. x is abundant, yet it can be scarce. Value is not measured in its size or weight, as its substance does not have to meet physical standards. It can be a shout and a whisper, a thought and a word. x is everything when it is nothing. x is forbidden.


by Jeroen van der Hulst