• 17 APRIL — 21 JUNE 2014 

Galerie Gabriel Rolt is proud to present Silence Breakers, Silence Shapers an exhibition of new work by London-based artist Athanasios Argianas.

Athanasios Argianas’ work exists in-between media: Objects may encode a piece of music, a song may produce physical structures, and structures in turn create platforms for events, performances.

An obvious example of these relentless oscillations between content and media is A Sequencer (Yellow on Grey), a video installation displaying a film of live scallops and cream coloured blocks of different shapes and dimensions. The scallops close their shells occasionally, and sometimes fall from one plinth to the next, punctuating the silence with short clacking sounds like a percussion composition stretched in time, suggesting an undiscovered order – a rhythm – formed by the intermittent strikes.

The soundtrack of the film is in turn translated into the form of an object: a mobile hung alongside the projection, its structure an exact transcription of each clack and click, and temporal intervals of the resulting waveform. Thus the artificially arranged scene of natural objects – the scallops – produces a composition itself, which is in turn transcribed onto the mobile.

Song Machine 32, the latest incarnation of a series of text based sculptures which started in 2005, is a formal sculpture at first sight: its structure is defined almost as a line drawing in space, by what appears as soft silk ribbons, resting on black thin angular stands. On closer inspection, the ribbon is solid and made of brass, shaped to appear supple, and is photo etched all along its length with text. This in turn, operates as another layer yet; it describes what a percussive sound does (much like the ones in the film nearby) to silence, how it shapes it ‘like a glass shapes water’.