• 13 APRIL - 18 MAY 2013 

Galerie Gabriel Roltis proud to present “Studies of Love and Nature,” a new series of paintings by the German artist Eva Räder. This will be Räder’s third solo show with the gallery.

Each one of Räder’s paintings can be seen as a single chapter in a story, employing its own distinct painting technique and rules of representation. Taken together, the works are all part of a complex universe. Some images include portraits, depicted with flowers or birds; some are semi-abstract landscapes where figures are only partially visible. There is an undertone of the erotic or nostalgic to some works; in others, a suggestion of the allegorical.


Räder is drawn to the ambiguous image that is rough, strong and persistent, but at the same time sensual and precise. The simplicity of the symbolic shapes – a mirror, a well, or a nude – suggests a kind of lyrical or primal emotional quality that is reminiscent of non-objective art. Räder’s connection to classical avant-garde art – and, in particular, to expressionism – becomes clear in the conflict between figuration and abstraction. She often uses art-historical references, drawing from many different periods to develop a language all her own.


This new series is a departure from nearly monochromatic paintings of her earlier series. Here she combines her signature grays with a range of brighter hues. Whereas in previous series, she used thick brushstrokes to create an almost sculptural richness, in these images the pigments are sometimes carefully blended, sometimes left to appear rough, or left out all together. By using negative space on the canvas, the boundaries of the paintings’ subject can dissolve into indefinite space.

Eva Räder (Ochsenhausen, Germany, 1978) studied at the UdK Berlin with Marwan Kassab Bashi, Georg Baselitz and Daniel Richter where she won the Meisterschülerpreis in 2006. She worked in the UK, USA and followed the De Ateliers programme in Amsterdam. Currently she lives and works in Berlin. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions across Europe, it is increasingly sought after, and is collected by renowned private and institutional collectors.