• 22 - 25 september 


Amsterdam Drawing

21– 25 September 2016




For Amsterdam Drawing Galerie Gabriel Rolt is proud to presenta solo presentation of Nik Christensen’s most recent body of work.



For the Amsterdam Drawing presentation, Christensen takes us further in his journey made of Japanese sumi ink and monochrome forms.


The whole exhibition is articulated around one pivotal piece: Ensuring That It’s Remembered As a More Important Story than It Really Was. The depicted cave introduces the viewer to a mysterious world, it represents the portal to the new, the passage to the unknown. The world outside of the cave remains uncertain: the other paintings are fragments, little witnesses of this other dimension, but they do not disclose its essence in its entirety. 


What remains certain about the new world to discover is that is made of the same visual language: the variation of tones drags the spectator into the intriguing shadows of the paintings. From the delicate lightness of the grey to the darkness of the pure black, the gaze wanders on the paper and gets entirely lost in the changeable nuances of light. The different subjects appear so as the result of a sudden materialization: they just take form in front of us, they happen, as phenomenological factors of the material world. Phenomenology, Edmund Husserl’s conception about worldly things as ‘phenomena which occur’, is surely used as a source of inspiration. The Husserlian philosophy resonates in Christensen’s lines, it becomes a concretization of thoughts and feelings, accompanied by fragments of other, semi - recognizable, references.


The dichotomy of hard, geometric shapes and figurative characters is typical of Christensen’s work: from the mysterious cave to the smaller drawings, the viewer finds himself dragged to this vague, undefined dimension, of which he can only perceive a few hints.