• 10 SEPTEMBER — 15 OCTOBER 2011 
Opening reception
Saturday 09 September, 17.00 – 19.30 hrs.

‘The starting point can be an image or a very strong notion of something that will run
through the works. I think of it as laying a jigsaw puzzle where each piece is vital and the
meaning disclosed at the end.’
Anna Bjerger, 2011

Galerie Gabriel Rolt is proud to announce Every Time I Close My Eyes, Swedish painter
Anna Bjerger's second solo exhibition with the gallery. Bjerger’s images — varied scenes
executed in loose, vivid gestures — pose puzzles for the viewer. Painted from
photographs rather than from life, their subjects are derived from out-of-date reference
books, instruction manuals, gardening books and magazines, possessing little overtly in
common with one another. Their feeling is both familiar and anonymous, intimate yet
curiously disconnected. Unmoored from their original contexts and unsettling each
other’s narratives, the images’ meanings become slippery and ambiguous.

Bjerger’s pictures call attention to the physicality of their medium. Paint is applied wet on
wet in broad brushstrokes, building to areas of thick impasto, to drips that slide down
unchecked and to painterly surfaces detached from their images’ contents. The speed
with which the works have been painted seem to strive after the instantaneous quality of
photography yet all the while assert the transformative nature of painting.