• 02 JULY — 06 AUGUST 2011 
Opening reception
Saturday July 2, 17.00 - 19.30hrs

Galerie Gabriel Rolt is delighted to announce the first solo exhibition of Shintaro Miyake in The Netherlands. Miyake will exhibit four large-scale, colour pen and pencil drawings on paper in addition to sculptural works and paintings, made specifically for this Amsterdam setting.

Miyake's works characteristically tackle classical themes such as history and mythology. The exhibition at Galerie Gabriel Rolt is no exception, concentrating on the opposing notions of fear and relief, which battle and tussle with each other across the frieze-like expanses of the works.

Miyake's work performs an important role in the Japanese New Pop art movement. As with previous series, for Galerie Gabriel Rolt he has created a specific iconography. A seated figure with a clam's head takes the centre of the drawings, each with Miyake's signature long and seemingly boneless arms. While working on a drawing Miyake always dresses up - like a puppet - taking on the character he is painting. About this he has stated, "To wear the character costume is an expression of making a portrait of myself. I feel something is missing just showing a completed work." As such, Miyake's works only become whole through performance; the artist includes himself - quite literally - in their creation.