• 08 JANUARY – 12 FEBRUARY 2011 
Opening reception: Saturday 8 January 17.00 – 19.30 hrs.

Galerie Gabriel Rolt is delighted to present a new series of works by German painter Eva Räder. This will be her second solo exhibition with the gallery.


Eva Räder describes the process painting as one of exploration, with each work being unique. Deeply mystical, her paintings communicate a directness of moment that aligns their narrative with that of a thought, memory, story or dream, where one can remember perfectly the emotions it might have aroused and fleeting visual ‘snapshots’, which - when cobbled together - make sense only on a subjective level.


The figures, birds, flowers and still lifes that inhabit this new body of work originate from a variety of sources. Räder’s memories, experiences and imagination function as starting points for her paintings, as do photographs from friends and family, magazines, movies and (most importantly) the internet, where images are selected regardless of time and place. Her process of painting is fast, gradually building up an image from many different layers of paint that gradually change and mutate from the source into something new, autonomous and unique that has lost the connection to its originator.