• 22 MAY — 27 JUNE 2010 

GALERIE GABRIEL ROLT is proud to present TO BE UNDONE, an exhibition of recent photographs and works on paper by Swedish artist Nadja Bournonville. This is her first solo exhibition in the Netherlands.


The question "Why?" is at the root of Nadja Bournonville's practice. This searching, enquiring spirit creates works that seek to make connections out of myriad ideas; to find sense in the world and her place in it. In photographs, text pieces and works on paper, Bournonville delves into her own experiences and imaginings, and explores figures as varied as Harry Houdini and Roland Barthes, resulting in diverse works infused with a surreal playfulness and wistful melancholia.


Following the earlier instalments in this series, 'One for every wish' and 'Amor omnia vincit',  'To be undone' marks the culmination of a project which Bournonville began in 2006. The impetus for the series came when Bournonville found a small wooden ship which resembled, almost identically, one which sank in 1972, killing her uncle. A photograph, 'For Magnus and Lefteria', resulted, which she described as being "a way of figuring out how accidental choices and decisive moments...can change the way we experience and understand life and how traces of them linger on through generations." This poetic logic has been applied to the subsequent works that are each filled with a wonder and fascination about history, literature and art.