• 24 - OCTOBER — 21 NOVEMBER 2009  

Amsterdam - 20 October, 2009 - Storytelling through art, art through storytelling, roughly speaking. The work of Wayne Horse and Abner Preis is born of a necessity in its desire to tell stories, invent characters, create worlds. In Warriors, Loners and Space Travellers, the artists will each make their own solo presentations in the gallery. They are united by an approach that is enquiring and speculative - leading them through drawing, video, photography and performance, all of which are sealed with a spirit and handling of their materials that is raw and forthright. Their works have a tough, at times vicious, humour alongside a child-like playfulness; and they are at once politically, socially engaged as well as fantastical and preternatural.


Wayne Horse is currently embroiled within the midst of Vulpes Sus Frater. Call it a brotherhood, or cult, or sect, Vulpes Sus Frater (meaning Fox Pig Brothers) is an invention of the artist. From drawings to performances, Horse is actualizing and developing the brotherhood, creating an uneasy balance between truth and fiction. His works offer a kind of history, proof, relic of existence. So much so that Vulpes Sus Frater is becoming a truth and the art is moving from illustration to documentation.


The masks and symbols of the members recall the Klu Klux Klan, and the images of the violent initiation ceremonies bring to mind grim sado-masochism and scenes of torture. This imagery and iconography is certainly disturbing, but it also holds a ludicrous B-movie sensationalism - these are actions immersed in pulp fiction cliche.