• 05 SEPTEMBER — 17 OCTOBER, 2009 
AMSTERDAM, August 06, 2009 - Galerie Gabriel Rolt is proud to present The Future Is Old, a solo exhibition of recent works on paper by Marijn Akkermans (Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 1975) from September 5 to October 10, 2009.

Perfect - perfect men, women - husbands and wives - sons and daughters - perfect families with the perfect dog. Marijn Akkermans makes drawings of these; rich, dense ink drawings - with exquisite detail and optical punch - showcasing an astute craft, focus and understanding of his medium. The content, mood and character of Akkermans' work is far from perfect - unraveling the despair and darkness at the heart of what should be perfect, ordinary lives. The title of the exhibition refers to our futures - the course of our lives - often being pre-determined...that the future is often not new and unknown; rather our upbringing, our families and the environments that we are born into, stay with us and shape our lives. The past casts a long shadow - one that, try as we might, we never entirely escape.

Akkermans presents scenes of normalcy, conventional families and propriety. What should be positive and harmless motifs - motherhood, children, pets - are translated by Akkermans into devious and malevolent characters. A freakish and suffocating spirit has infested the tradition, stability and protection of these ingredients. The artist is exploring the confinements of the bourgeois, presenting the damage and hurt inflicted and shared within these familiar settings. Whereas an artist like Alex Katz has presented white, middle-class, heterosexual characters in a cool, distanced way, Akkermans brings a personal and psychologically pitched take on these subjects.

There are different strands to his oeuvre that Akkermans assembles in this show. There are large-scale, narrative drawings of figures in entangled, grotesquely charged scenarios. Dark-Hearted Superhero portrays a businessman in a dynamic pose - with a child's upturned face bulging from his shirt. His face is a dark hole, the features only mildly apparent - this creating a brash contrast against his whiter-than-white shirt.